My Happiness Does Not Interest Me

A young man sits on his skateboard and is surrounded by moments of his childhood in the 00’s, when complaints blared out of the windows because of the “loud boards”. 

Are you happy? 

After her two generational projects, “Finding Motherland” and “Father Earth, the artist, Franzi Kreis, shows a collection of emotional, nostalgic and visionary portraits of a summer in Sandleiten. All photographs were taken at a magical, blue hour in the neighborhood of the huge Sandleitenhof in Vienna Ottakring. Snippets of conversations about dreams and happiness buzz around the images of the waning summer heat.

‘In the courtyards of Sandleiten you can feel the Red Vienna of the 1920s next to the Vienna of today like in hardly any other place’, explains Franzi Kreis about her project in Sandleiten. ‘Exactly this mood gave wings to my evening pondering. In this series, I’m interested in a we that is bigger than the self-found I.’

Noticing things that others don’t is probably a kind of occupational disease. But also, a matter of attitude. ‘While working on the exhibition, I came in contact with so many exciting people and questions that make one start to, not just literally, look more closely: Does it make one happy to preoccupy one’s self with happiness?’

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